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I started the year by working along the nearside, replacing the old uprights, and bolting replacement steel between.  

What I thought would be a major job was replacing the front bearer, which was badly rotted.  However the construction was very simple (two hefty pieces of steel with hardwood fillers) and the new bearer slotted easily into place.

Eventually I was able to get rid of the acro-props holding up the nearside, once the structure was sufficiently strong.

The control unit in the cab was a complete mystery to me, but I cleaned it up on the kitchen table, and got a competent friend to look it over.  It was a great relief when the unit was refitted and the engine still started!

In September I decided to turn the bus around, enabling me to work on the offside more easily.

With the help of a neighbour, I removed the fuel-tank, giving me access to clean up the chassis behind.  The tank was then cleaned and refitted.