2007 Blog

I started the year by working on the offside, replacing old steel with new.  I was not happy with the fit of the uprights, and asked Bob the blacksmith back to reweld some of them, slightly changing the angle at the "kink".

In May I managed to secure undercover accomodation.  This was a GREAT step forward.  From now on, I would have power, water, access to a workshop.  Bliss!

The move was an adventure.  DMS 130 could move under its own power, but could not operate legally on the roads, so Tony kindly towed me half a mile with his tractor.  It was a great feeling to pull into the new yard, and steer the Regal into its new shed.

Work then proceeded (under cover!) to fit a new rigid frame to the rear-end, and to trial-fit the boot doors.  With the help of Andy I made several trials, adjusting the width of the side pieces until we got a good fit, then remaking the side pieces in hardwood.

I then started work on removing the rear hubs to clean up the brake-linings, and ensure all was oiled and greased.  The first hub took about a week to come clear of the drums.  We sprayed it with WD40 and tightened the set-screws every day.  Eventually we were rewarded by a widening gap between hub and drum, and the hub was removed.

I was not pleased to find that a piece was missing from the edge of the drum, but Bob the blacksmith came to the rescue (not for the first time) with a neat repair, and once painted with hammerite, the mend was invisible.