2008 Blog

At some point early in the year, I decided to remove the rear springs.  I was concerned because rust had formed between the leaves, pushing the leaves apart, and this was preventing the restraining bolts from closing.  This was bound to be an MOT failure.  I also found too much play in the shackle pins and set about sourcing replacements.

Needless to say, the U-bolts holding the springs did not want to come loose.  On the offside, we could access them, but on the nearside the chassis prevented us getting a good grip on the nuts.

When Bob arrived with his oxy-acetylene, one U-bolt was duly coaxed free, but the other deformed.  Bob took the damaged bolt away and welded in a new threaded piece, together with a new matching nut!

The shackle-pins also proved obstinate, but ex-AA man Phil arrived, and with a combination of heat and muscle, the pins were persuaded to come out.  I was then able to remove the offside spring and clean up each leaf.

I also made a good start on floor-boarding the interior, painting the underside of each board with hammerite before adding it.

Once we had removed the shackle-pins from the nearside spring also, James and Andy rigged up a winch, and we towed the whole axle out sideways, using a combination of trolley and jacks to support it.  Now James could use heat to release the U-bolts, and I could clean up the nearside spring also.  Each spring had 20 leaves!

Another large job was fitting the door-post to support the emergency door.  I was reasonably pleased with the result, although I made some mistakes in placing the hinges.  The door post will need further work to avoid it flexing when the (very heavy) door is opened.

Winter overtook us before we quite completed work on the springs.