2010 Blog

First job was to complete the fixing of the new offside wing.  Some juggling was required before it looked good from every angle.  Then the cab-floor could be tackled.  

The cab seat came back from the upholsterer looking very smart, and was fixed back in the cab.

From Bedford I collected the first seat from another upholsterer.  I had bought moquette on Ebay - not the same pattern as the original, but I hope the end result will be pleasing.

Andy was persuaded to start the rewiring, and the cab was soon a mass of different coloured wires.  

Now that the offside front wing was on and looking good, I turned my attention to the nearside wing.  It was not in good shape, but I judged to be repairable, so prised it off, and sent it off to be shot-blasted, together with 2 wheels.  On its return, looking cleaner but holier, I took it to Bob the blacksmith to have some steel welded on.  He did his usual excellent job, and it came back to me ready for filler.

Several applications of filler later, the wing was looking very respectable, and I was able to refit it, having cleaned up the area underneath.

While the wing was away being repaired, I tackled the bulkhead steel, which had deteriorated badly.  I was able to cut away a large section and provide a new piece, which James spot-welded into place.

The new fin-section of the radiator was collected from Grantham, and held to await the return of the rechromed cowl.