First trip out!!

August 2011 Blog

Several jobs started and completed this month...

Still more scraping 

Scraping continued, concentration being on the front and offside.  Headlamps were removed for painting, and the chrome rims sent away for re-chroming.  The number-plate was removed and the cab-front scraped clean.  The base of it has rotted, and James is going to weld a new piece in.

To make the refitting of the door-post easier (when it eventually arrives) I removed panelling from the base of the post, and the access door to the brake servo.

On the button, and round the yard

At last, on the 4th August, the bus started (on the button) and trundled round the yard, enabling me to take some video footage.  It also revealed a leak in a radiator bottom hose, and in a top one!  Finally I backed the bus into the shed so as to be able to work on the front and offside with better access and light.

Boot doors

Boot doors were removed for eventual repair.  I will ask the joiner to take a look at them.

Front Wheels

The 2 front wheels were removed, and taken away for shot-blasting and painting.  That enabled me to clean up the hubs and the areas behind the wheels.

Engine Bay

To paint the engine bay satisfactorily meant removing the Autovac, which I did on the 12th.  It is a beautifully made piece of aluminium sculpture, and looked great when primed and painted with a first coat of green undercoat.  This Williamsons Transpeed paint goes on beautifully and is a pleasure to use.

Cleaning back this area to bare metal was hard work, working in cramped conditions, but I got there in the end.  Applying primer and undercoat was very pleasing, and made up for the hard work in preparation. 

The cab emergency-window was shut tight, but with David’s help, the screws yielded and the whole unit was removed, allowing repainting of the surrounding woodwork.

All in all, the best month yet!