January Blog

Friday 6th Jan.  Still cold, but Tony visited to fix a new rubber sleeve which will cause the engine once more to charge the dynamo.  I missed his visit since I was taking the headlamps with the new chrome surrounds to an engineer in Woodford, Northants, who will repair them for me, fabricating some missing bits.

On return David and I remove the offside rear-wheels to reveal a filthy hub and drum.

Monday 9th.  I take the 2 wheels to be shot-blasted, using James' trailer, and begin to clean up the hub.  It refuses to move round, even when the hand-brake is released, indicating something is seized...

Tuesday 10th.  "Trog" appears, and taps the hand-brake arm where it operates on the rear-wheels.  This frees up the hub so that I can now turn it for cleaning.  But clearly it will have to be thoroughly cleaned and lubricated before the wheels can be replaced.  I call Tony for advice, and he says he has the special spanner needed to remove the hub, and will visit.