Bus turns silver

July 2011 Blog

Scrape, scrape!

This was the month for scraping panels!  I had previously thought of leaving the painting of the bus until after MOT, but on reflection I decided that I would have more chance of getting through the inspection if the vehicle looked smart and well cared-for.

Some panels responded well to scraping with an old chisel.  The paint flaked off cleanly and I was immediately left with the bare metal which needed minimum sanding.  Other panels were more stubborn and required several applications of Nitromors.  Yet others required attention to dents, which needed filling.

Emergency Door-post

I had removed the emergency door-post ready for the joiner to insert a new one.  The area behind needed a good clean-up, and much of the panelling below the post had to be removed to give access. 


The bonnet is a very prominent feature, and needs to look smart.  I cleaned the bonnet-top down to bare steel, then coated it with hammerite, then rubbed that well down and applied filler (to dents) and 2 layers of undercoat, rubbing down with wet-and-dry between each coat.

Control Panel

Tony visited to fit a replacement control panel in the cab.  He then found that a matching dynamo was required, so returned to remove the existing dynamo and replace it – heavy work!  Finally, he and Andy were able to connect up the new starter-motor cables I had bought, and hey presto – the bus started on the button!

There is still much work to do on the wiring, but it is a MAJOR step forward.