Emergency door-post

May 2011 Blog

Emergency Door-post

It was time to start on making a new post to support the emergency door.

This was a job I had been putting off ever since I bought the vehicle.  Now I decided to enroll the help of a local joiner, and Ike came out to take a look.  I was delighted when he accepted the job enthusiatically.  He will be much quicker and more accurate than me.

The old post has rotted badly at the base, and the door hinges have torn holes in the wood.  The new post needs to be very strong, as the emergency door is of considerable weight.

So this month I concentrated on removing the old post, carefully photographing the pieces as I did so, and preparing the ground for the new one.

Replacement Control Unit

The best news of the month was that Tony has changed jobs, and promised to be more available, so I promptly engaged him to fit a new control panel in the cab.  The aim is to be able to start the bus "on the button" without having to reach down into the cab floor and hold a screwdriver across the starter motor terminals!

Perhaps I will be able to start it "on the button" and drive it round the yard within a few weeks...