Autovac back in position

October Blog


At the start of the month, James fitted a rod at the rear of the bonnet top, allowing it to be fixed into place.  I put it temporarily in position, rubbed it down well, and added a third coat of undercoat.

David helped me refit the Autovac unit and refasten the pipes.  It remains to apply more coats of undercoat and topcoat.  On 10th October, I finished the first layer of top-coat.

Towards the end of the month, as the days grew colder, I gave up thoughts of top-coat, and concentrated on under-coating.  The offside is nearly fully completed (first layer of undercoat).  Very satisfying.  

More of the hated blue is gradually disappearing.

Cab Front

On 6th October, James tackled what to me was a major job - removing the rotten steel at the base of the cab front and welding in a new piece.  The operation went extremely well, the new piece was an excellent fit, and I ended the day by applying filler and some base primer.  The only problem area looked to be refastening the beading where the timber behind is in a less than ideal state.  However, by using longer screws, I was able to get a good result.

The cab-front received 2 coats of top-coat, and will probably be given a third in the Spring.


On 7th October I refitted one of the panels, nailing it in place all round.  On 10th October, I refitted the top and right-hand beading (will be removed to countersink the screws better, and to apply mastic).  Framing round the fuel-filler aperture to be attached.

Both panels were replaced, beading refitted (with mastic) and undercoated.  Result!


A very productive month!