Tucked away in shed

On Arrival in Dean...

Sept 23rd, 2009

LFM arrives in Dean, behind a vast breakdown lorry (suspended tow from Coventry).  Driver gives me strange look when I ask him to reverse in country lane and to follow me down narrow farm track and round sharp bends, but he successfully brings the bus into the yard.  Sounding more confident than I feel, I ask him to leave the bus in the centre of the yard, saying that I will move it into the shed.  He expresses doubt that it will ever move again, but does as I ask, and departs.

I then ring Andy and am lucky to catch him just as he is going out.  I persuade him to come down to the yard, and he arrives ten minutes later.  We have to:

reconnect the propshaft
install a battery (the bus is 12-volt)
"hot-wire" the starter motor, as the wiring to the starter button is beyond use
drive it into the shed!

Andy promptly opens the hatch over the rear axle and vanishes down it like a rabbit down a hole.  I pass him the bolts and the propshaft is soon connected (3 bolts are judged sufficient).  Then the battery is installed, and the bus starts almost instantly!

The cab is full of fumes, indicating a very leaky exhaust, but I manage to drive it into the shed.  Job done!  Thank you Andy for having saved the day (not for the first time)

First Impressions

The bus looks tatty but essentially complete.  The bus is (nearly!) driveable.  The interior is almost presentable, apart from the lino which has "had it", but ceiling, luggage racks, light fittings look excellent.  Seats are complete (1 squab missing).  1 window missing.  Promising!

Major tasks (that I know about) are:

  • step needs rebuilding
  • rear nearside corner needs a new pillar
  • emergency door pillar needs to be replaced