Not ANOTHER bus?!

July 2009 

When I saw on the Classic Buses website that a Bristol L bus (specifically a LL5G) was for sale, I was immediately tempted to go to see it.  The Crosville single-deckers were always, (in my opinion) handsome vehicles and I remember them from my schooldays in Liverpool, operating in Chester and North Wales.

I received advice from various knowledgeable friends who all said "Don't touch it.  Hard to work on.  Difficult to get parts.  Will distract you from work on the Regal.  You must be mad!"  All of which are probably true.

I visited it in a shed near Coventry.  It seemed sound, if a little tatty.  The owner, Tony Brown, offered me considerable assistance with parts and knowledge.

So I bought it.  Tony offered to get it delivered to Dean (an offer I thankfully accepted!).

I had no intention of lumbering myself with another major project at this time, but you cannot predict when opportunities will occur, and buses dont become available at the precise time you are ready for them.

A first To-Do List

This is my first attempt at a to-do list, in (rough) order. 

1. Make bus fully driveable (in yard and field!)

  • Repair exhaust leak
  • fix wiring to starter motor to avoid having to "hot-start"
  • fit offside and nearside mirrors
  • investigate and get handbrake working

2.  Improve front end

  • fit cab side-piece
  • fit engine cover
  • find and fit engine side-piece
  • investigate state of wiring
  • make and fit new cab-floor panel
  • repair and fit front destination box
  • remove steel cab front panel and replace

3.  nearside repairs

  • remake step
  • fit new nearside rear pillar
  • rebuild boot floor
  • rebuild boot doors
  • repair 1 battery cover panel
  • make new battery cover panel
  • replace "cow-catcher"

4.  offside repairs

  • extract old emergency-door pillar
  • fit new pillar
  • rehang door
  • repair and fit "cow-catcher"

5.  Interior

  • remove seats
  • remove floor treads
  • remove lino
  • fit new lino
  • refit treads
  • refit seats