Starting with undercoat

September 2011 Blog

An encouraging month.  Several jobs were completed, others were progressing well.


The panels vary greatly in quality.  Some are good enough to paint, others are dented or badly scratched.  So I put primer on the good ones (which have been scraped back to bare metal) and prepare to remove 2 that will definitely need to be replaced.

When removing a panel, I am anxious to re-use the wooden supports behind, since replacing that would involve taking out windows etc.  Nearly all the screws that fix the beading in place have corroded beyond re-use, but I reckon that I can save the beading and re-plug the holes in the wood.  So the 2 panels and the beading strips are removed very carefully!

I bought some 8’x4’ sheets of aluminium several years ago, and cut the 2 replacement panels out of it, using the old panels as templates.   By clamping a large straight-edge to it, I am able to bend up the lip.  Aluminium is a joy to work!

While the panels are removed, I am able to clean up the area behind with a vacuum and apply hammerite to the fuel tank and undercoat to the fuel-filler area.


The undercoat goes on beautifully with a brush (Williamsons Transpeed range) and I mostly manage to avoid runs.  Colleagues that have done much of this advise me to do plenty of rubbing down with fine wet-and-dry, and this certainly promises to produce a good finish.

I plan to send all the wheels away for shot-blasting and painting (black).  The front two are done this month, and look good on the repainted hubs.  The front tyres are “shot” and need to be replaced.  I have not examined the rear tyres in detail.

Tony produces a good bonnet-side, which only needs a repaint to look like new.  I make a start on it with black hammerite, then rub it well down and add the first layer of green undercoat.

I need to remove the cab door-lock in order to remove the surround for re-chroming and in order to clean up the cab door round the opening.  But the lock refuses to come out for several days, despite many applications of WD40.  Eventually we succeed. The lock needs straightening out, so I ask James to put it in the vice and fix it!

Still waiting for the emergency-door post to arrive…